I would be interested in knowing the riskRules (not rating) for all 6 Well-Architected Framework Pillars



I would like to know the riskRules for each question of the 6 Well-Architected Framework Pillars. When executing a WAFR, you have to answer multiple multiple questions. For example:

  • SEC 1. How do you securely operate your workload?
  • REL 1. How do you manage service quotas and constraints?
  • and many more

Each of these questions contain tickboxes which are called "best practices". These best practices are categorised in 3 categories:

  • Low
  • Medium (MRI)
  • High (HRI)

When answering the questions, something called "riskRules" will decide whether your question will be a HRI or MRI. When solving issues and hence checking more best practices boxes in your question, your HRI could become a MRI. This will be shown in the Well-Architected dashboard and you can use this to keep track of your progress.

I would like to build some automation around the Well-Architected tool and when I did my research I found that you can define your own riskRules if you are creating a Custom Lens. You can see how that works over here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/latest/userguide/lenses-format-specification.html#lenses-format-risk-rules.

This made me think that I would like to know what the riskRules are on the questions that are part of the 6 pillars. I can use this information in deciding which best practices need to be solved in order to go from a HRI to a MRI.

Is there anyone out there who can provide me with this information? Thank you in advance!

Kind regards, Enri Peters

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You can find risk ratings in AWS Well-Architected Framework document next to the best practices. Unfortunately, not the easiest to use programmatically, but at least you can get started.

Best regards, Timo Tapanainen

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you for your answer, it's much appreciated. I actually was already aware of this, but this is not what I am looking for. Allow me to explain why not.

    Whenever a best practice is categorised as HRI it does not mean the Well-Architected tool will also see it as an individual HRI.

    For example, it could be that you have to fix 2 or maybe 3 HRI for a best practice to be overall not longer marked as a HRI by the dashboard / tool.

    See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/latest/userguide/lenses-format-specification.html#lenses-format-risk-rules.

    So it comes down to that the HRI's the dashboard is showing are based on some risk rules that are applied on the questions that you answer.

    What I am looking for are those riskRules for all questions of the 6 existing pillars.

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