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Hi there. Has anyone had success or is it even possible to utilize the AWS B2B Data Interchange service with an ANSI 834 file? Weirdly enough, we are exploring an integration that does not transmit HIPAA protected information but utilizes the 834 format. In the B2B Data Interchange setup, I do not see an option for the 834 type.

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AWS B2B Data Interchange service primarily focuses on healthcare data interchange, including HIPAA-compliant transactions. While it may not have a specific template or option for ANSI 834 files, you can still utilize the service for non-HIPAA data interchange, including files in the 834 format.

You can follow these steps to integrate ANSI 834 files with the AWS B2B Data Interchange service:

  • Prepare your ANSI 834 files according to the format specifications.
  • Configure the B2B Data Interchange service to accept incoming files.
  • Use the appropriate data transformation and mapping tools to convert ANSI 834 files to a format compatible with the B2B Data Interchange service.
  • Upload the transformed files to the service using the provided APIs or console interface.
  • Ensure compliance with AWS service terms and conditions, and consult with AWS support or documentation for specific guidance on integrating non-standard file formats with the B2B Data Interchange service.
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answered 3 months ago

Hi James, thank you for reaching out. Could you please reach out to b2bi-pm@amazon.com so we can setup time to learn more about your use case? We have plans to introduce new transaction sets and would like to understand if we can provide your team with early access. Thanks in advance!

answered 3 months ago

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