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How do I properly format a lexicon for proper pronunciation? (Beginner)



Trying to format a proper Lexicon pronunciation for a word. Tried transferring what was explained in AWS Polly beginner video to no avail; source:

The word I'm trying to translate is below. The voice I am using is en-GB (Amy), however the pronunciation sounds are strictly from the perspective of: en-US.

  • Word/Term: Mans Milias,
  • Native Spelling: Mans Mīļais,
  • Native Lang: Latvian,
  • Pronunciation: Maans.mEE.yais

My script:

<lexicon version="1.0" 
    <grapheme>Mans Milias</grapheme>
    <grapheme>mans milias</grapheme>
    <grapheme>MANS MILIAS</grapheme>

Thanks for any assistance! Advice welcomed! Brand new user to this software.

1 Answer

I was able to find the answers myself with a few hours of probing and studying.

To anyone interested in the same question I will include a few links and a general explanation on how it works.

Answer: Revolves around understanding the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). You can understand it with tutorial videos or like myself, just reading it. Pretty straightforward, it plays on sounds made when creating a word. And then apply the symbol matching the correct/similar sound made to create the new word. Ex:

  • Breaking down the word(s): Mans Milias, the sounds are as follows; "Ma-nz.ME.Y-Ais"
  • Phonetically, the symbols matching these sets of sounds are as follows; "mɑ:nz.mi:.aaɪs"
  • When you look at the graphs/charts/examples it becomes clearer and easier to grasp. Of course, there are also a few small other, details to consider when getting into this program for the first time also.

Concluding thoughts, again, I'm a complete noob when it comes to AWS Polly SSML, and its good just to read and understand the program more. Links for my success are included below.

Links to my success:
* <Google: "IPA symbols for [insert word sound/vowel/consonant you want to find] sound"> works wonders also.>
* <Since you're this far, learning to edit directly via SSML is helpful also>
answered a month ago

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