How do I link my Amazon Connect instance to a Lambda function outside the contact flow with automation


I'm using terraform to deploy an Amazon Connect instance. I'm able to import a previously made contact flow, which works for everything except the AWS Lambda function that we invoke.

Importing the contact flow correctly imports with the full ARN of the lambda function, but it doesn't actually work until I manually select the lambda function on the Instance > Contact Flows page, eg:

Following this, inside my contact flow I then have to change my full lambda ARN to the one provided in the dropdown list, which will now be just the "function arn" in that screenshot, not the full ARN.

Is there a way of automating this at all? Thanks

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Since Terraform is a 3rd party infrastructure as code tool I wouldn’t be able to advise much on its usage in this particular scenario unfortunately.

As far as automating it outside of Terraform, a strategy I use is to view all the available APIs for a service using the AWS CLI documentation, searching for the step-by-step APIs that would complete the goal, and if they exist you can then create a script. If the APIs don't exist to complete your goal then you'll have to stick with your current process.

answered 2 years ago

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