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S3 bucket name is not configured while creating stack through CloudFormation template.


In my use case we are creating S3 bucket in the user's account through CloudFormation template. The concern is while creating stack in user's account, S3 bucket physical Id is not getting generated but while verifying the CloudWatch logs, the name is getting generated, even S3 bucket is not creating in the user's account & the user account gets onboarded into the database when the S3 bucket is showing in creation progress. Another issue is while deleting the stack, S3 bucket deletion is showing successfully even though the bucket was not created.

Also, I've tried to onboard the account with different AWS accounts & different regions and it's onboarding successfully. Is this a glitch from the AWS side?

1 Answer

Hello sp018,

I understand that you are trying to create an S3 bucket using a CloudFormation template but are unable to create it or get its physical id.

Could you please provide the name of the bucket from the CloudWatch logs you mentioned, so we can verify its creation.

The issue could be related to the permissions of the IAM user. Are you getting any "access denied" messages?. If so, make sure the user account has access to the bucket.

Also check if you getting an error related to the bucket name. It could have already been taken.


answered 2 months ago

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