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AWS answer to Microsoft Open AI and Google's Deep Mind


I saw article lately that Google was into DeepMind and Microsoft partnered with OpenAI. What is the equivalent to AWS where we can solve similar GPT3 type of problems ? Can someone point that out or is this a question that i need to ask PG directly not here. PS I am new to Amazon.

  • As a followup, How about the rest of the Open AI stack for VIsion ( generative images) like DaLLe and Codex - generative programs. and generative Summarization for text.- These are bnot categories under GPT ... all in all i would like to know if we are planning out a similar packaging/ Messaging here

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GPT-J is also a generative pre-trained (GPT) language model. In terms of its architecture, it’s comparable to Open AI’s GPT-3. You can find how GPT-J run on AWS and how it is leveraged by a customer on this article -

answered 14 days ago

You can build your own GPT solution on Amazon SageMaker. The benefits of that are:

  • Better cost control
  • Your data doesn't leave your AWS account
  • You can train and finetune the model to fit your needs.

You can learn more on how to deploy a GPT in your AWS account in this blog post. And you can learn more on how to use a GPT model for many different NLP tasks in this blog post.

answered 13 days ago

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