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Cannot send emails to outside domain



              I have a domain configured in route  53. I have whm and cpanel license also. I would like send emails from the cpanel webmail round cube. But right now i am able to send emails within the domain only. Say for example if the domain is , i can send emails to, etc. But i cant send emails outside this domain like, etc. But emails are receiving from all sources without issue. The smtp port restriction also lifted as per amazon. So would like to get a solution on this. Thanks In Advance.
1 Answer

How do you know the email is not working ? Are you getting a delivery fail email or the email is sent but doesn't arrive ?

Can you confirm the MX record is set correctly on your DNS records. Check to see if the mail queue is holding all outgoing emails. Check to see if your IP is on any blacklists.

Hope this helps !!

answered 18 days ago

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