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Lambda You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied. on root account.


When I try to access Lambda Dashboard/Functions from root account, I get this error: You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied.

2 Answers

Hi! Good question.

A couple follow-up questions:

  • What region are you in? Some regions are not enabled by default (for example Africa: Cape Town, Europe: Milan) and may be why you see that error.
  • Are you part of an organization? If so, are there Service Control Policies applied?

I would check the above 2 to see why you are getting access denied at the root account level.

Edit based on the response: Are other services like this as well? Check AWS Health to see if AWS limited your account based on suspicious activity

answered 8 months ago
  • I mostly use Oregon (or rarely Ohio) as my region, but I get this error on all 4 top regions in region selector. Also, no, this is my personal account, I'm not part of an organization. P.S. I'm trying to access Lambda to check functions generated by AWS Amplify deploying Next.js SSR app.



I think you might have run into an open issue

Amplify frontend build returns Starting SSR Build... [ERROR]: AccessDenied: Access Denied #2086


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answered 8 months ago

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