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/Cost of Athena and glue/

Cost of Athena and glue


How much will it cost if I complete all the steps mentioned in this article? will I be charged for Athena as well as glue?

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2 Answers

The cost of using Athena can be divided into three categories:

With that in mind, this is what could happen if you follow the steps in the article:

  • You will be charged for Athena if you run queries, the amount will depend on how much data those queries scan.
  • You will be charged for the number of items create in the Glue Data Catalog for as long as they remain there. If you run queries you will be charged for the requests made from Athena to the catalog. The first 1 million catalog items and the first 1 million requests per month are free of charge.
  • You will be charged for the data you store on S3, for as long as it remains there. If you run queries you will be charged for the S3 operations made from Athena. The first 5 GB stored on S3 is free, and the first 20,000 get operations and 2,000 list operations per month are free.

If this is your only use for Athena, Glue, and S3 you may be within the free tier of S3 and Glue, but Athena does not have a free tier.

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  • How do I add an index without using glue?


Hi , you can check Amazon Athena pricing here , at 5$ per TB scanned if you look at the data scanned by the queries in the Blog post, you can imagine that being in the KB the cost will be minimal if any. As for AWS Glue pricing is here , checking the data catalog cost, you can easily see that the operations in the blog post would fall in the free tier. hope this helps

answered 5 months ago

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