How to enable Gamelift servers to accesss an API Gateway resource policy restricted by VPC


Hi, I have a APi that is restricted based on VPC> I want the endpoint to be accessible for my gamelift fleets as well. How can I do this? SInce Gamelift servers are not in any VPC, I am unsure how to achieve this.

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Since Gamelift servers are not in any VPC

Exactly,Your game servers are deployed in Amazon GameLift on a fleet of EC2 instances. A fleet is automatically placed in its own VPC, which is managed by the Amazon GameLift service,You don't have direct access to the VPC.

Back to the question, here is a guidence may be helpfull for you.

answered 23 days ago


I would like to share that Each Amazon GameLift fleet has its own VPC. With VPC peering, you can establish a direct network connection between the VPC for your fleet and for your other AWS resources. Amazon GameLift streamlines the process of setting up VPC peering connections for your game servers. It handles peering requests, updates route tables, and configures the connections as required as per Access AWS resources with VPC peering

Currently there is no way to customize which rules get added to which security group during peering with the GameLift VPC. GameLift will attempt to add rules giving each of the fleet VPC's security groups access to your VPC as per Can GameLift VPC peering be configured to only add permissions to specific security groups instead of all groups in the VPC ?

I hope above information helps. In case you face further challenges, please feel free to open a support case with AWS using the following link as this will allow us to provide you resource specific guidance and dive deep into the same.

answered 19 days ago

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