Repository Clone Failed error in VS2017



I'm trying to Create a new repository via AWS CodeCommit in Visual Studio (2017 Community Edition).

The user has been set up with "AWSCodeCommitPowerUser" and "IAMSelfManageServiceSpecificCredentials" credentials.

When I click on "Create", I'm presented with the "Create a New AWS CodeCommit Repository" dialog box. After entering a suitable name, I click on "OK" and I then receive the following message:

Failed to clone repository Error message: Git failed with fatal error.
unable to access
'': The requested URL returned error: 403

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks James

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Do you create Git credentials in toolkit? If toolkit cannot create Git credentials on your behalf, or if you do not want toolkit to create Git credentials, you must create and provide your own Git credentials following this documentation

This is the documentation of Clone an AWS CodeCommit Repository and Create a Repository from Visual Studio.

answered 6 years ago

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