How to create a pv and pvc from EBS in eks


I have a ebs volume created in a AZ and in the same AZ I have my ec2 running in eks. I want to craete a pv and pvc from ebs and attach it to ec2 when the pod is deployed.

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Hello there,

You can accomplish this with the help of the Amazon EBS CSI driver which helps you to manage the lifecycle of Amazon EBS volumes as storage for the Kubernetes Volumes that you create. The driver supports two types of provisioning.

  1. Static Provisioning - Associate an externally-created EBS volume with a PersistentVolume (PV) for consumption within Kubernetes. This suites your use case. Refer example
  2. Dynamic Provisioning - Automatically create EBS volumes and associated PersistentVolumes (PV) from PersistentVolumeClaims) (PVC). Parameters can be passed via a StorageClass for fine-grained control over volume creation.

Follow this article for steps to install the driver

answered 3 months ago

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