Cloudformation template for creating Amplify hosting using Manual Deploy option


I want to create a Amplify app for hosting my webapp but I dont want to connect it to any Repository. I want to use the Manual Deploy option using 'Deploy without Git provider' where I upload the artifact to an S3 bucket and deploy it. I cannot find the cloudformation template for creating amplify with this deploy option. Can someone share the cloudformation template which I can use to create a manual deploy Amplify app.

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You have an interesting full Amplify CFN template at

It's probably a good starting point to adapt from in your use case.

It's managed with AWS Serverless framework, which is quite an attractive idea.



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answered 9 months ago
  • Hi Didier, Thanks for sharing the link. But I see this template also uses GitHub connections. Is there any specific parameter or definition that I can add that enables the creation of an Amplify app with manual deployment option (S3 connection).

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