Cloudfront: Is there an easy way to remove multiple response headers?



By default, AWS adds a couple of very revealing information in the response headers of a setup using CloudFront and codebuild. Among others are x-amz-meta-codebuild-buildarn is revealed stating the internal ARN of codebuild (including the internal name used for the project).

Little feedback on the side: Would be nice, if AWS would stop sending those by default.

CloudFront provides a way to remove headers, but only in one-entry-at-a-time-text-box-fashion without wildcard support. So one needs to copy and paste every single header into that list.


Is there another way I'm not seeing to more easily remove those headers?

*edit:*I just figured, the following headers are not even removable/overwritable at all: x-amz-cf-id, x-amz-cf-pop, x-cache, which is a pitty :(

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you are correct. there is no way to remove headers such as x-amz-cf-id.

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answered a year ago

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