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Are Amazon EC2 instance Ids globally unique or regionally unique? For example, can two different regions have same EC2 instance id? Asking this because we are trying to export app metrics to an APM system and we need to know if we can rely only on the EC2 instance id or need to concatenate with the region / other identifier. Could not find any correct documentation regarding this hence wanted to confirm before we proceed.

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According to Resource IDs, they are unique.

When resources are created, we assign each resource a unique resource ID
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  • The document mentions "Each resource identifier, such as an AMI ID, instance ID, EBS volume ID, or EBS snapshot ID, is tied to its Region and can be used only in the Region where you created the resource." but no mention if the same instance id can be present in different region. Hence wanted to confirm.

  • If an instance is terminated, can that Instance ID be used again in the same AWS account? Are Instance IDs unique across all regions in the same AWS account?

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