How to access existing security group by tag using aws cdk?


I am creating a lambda function where I have added existing vpc (by tags) and private subnets. I want to add existing security group also to the lambda. Any idea how to access existing security by tags using cdk with typescript? Please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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To be transparent, I did not try this on your specific use case: lambda + sec group. But, I usually use CDK Construct.fromXXX() to achieve what you want to achieve here.

The section "How can I reference existing resources?" in this article explains it well with all possible options for "fromXXX()" with their differences.

It seems quite possible , see

If you have an existing security group you want to use in your CDK application, you would import it like this:

const securityGroup = ec2.SecurityGroup.fromSecurityGroupId(this, 'SG', 'sg-12345', {
  mutable: false



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