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So the documentation says that when you delete a topic all the subscriptions are deleted, but that's not true. All of them that where confirmed still here in the Subscription panel months after the topic deletion...

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The behavior you are experiencing is expected since subscriptions are orphaned when a topic is deleted without the subscriptions being deleted first. In such case, the subscriptions linger in the system until an internal tool cleans them up.

Every topic is unique in the system, even if they share names. That being said, if the deleted topic is recreated with the same name, the orphan subscriptions can temporarily receive the new topic's traffic due to eventual consistency. After 15 minutes however, the system will be consistent and any orphan subscriptions leftover from the old topic will no longer get messages published to the new topic.

Our service team has indicated to me that they are currently working on improving the clean-up process of orphan subscriptions. More specifically, they'll be making their deletion substantially faster with the goal of making customer accounts cleaner and not littered with leftover resources. Please note that unfortunately, we wont be able to provide any ETA for internal updates.

answered 6 months ago

Was this a previously used topic? Topics that are recreated might sometimes run into some errors.

If that isn't the case then try some of the troubleshoot documentation and see if your issue falls under this, failing that you should contact AWS Support to remove the subscriptions for you.

answered 10 months ago
  • No, it's not recreated topic. And I think that you don't understand. I don't have problem deleting the subscriptions from the subscription tab after deleting the topic. What I dont understand is why these subscriptions stay there, they should been deleted with the topic when I delete the topic. Or not?

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