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/LIGHTSAIL with 1GB Instance is slow. Why?/

LIGHTSAIL with 1GB Instance is slow. Why?


Amazon LIGHTSAIL with 1 GB Instance is slow without any website, Plesk is not loading fast. Can I use light sail for production? I need to move my client sites from media temple. Give me best solution

I was trying to load tools & settings. It does not load all the time, Some time it takes 4-5 sec

I mean, there is no site in them. Just basic Plesk panel

I am worried Light sail may not work for production even if I get 8gb instance? Someone with experience, help me and give your experience.

  • Can you provide some more information? What type of instance (compute/memory combo did you use)? What is the OS? Are there any logs in the Plesk?

  • Hi bro, From my experience with lightsail for hosting Plesk, you should you the lightsail with at least 2Gb vCPUs and 4GB Memory. Additionally, Can you share logs in the Plesk?

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Accepted Answer

Running a web server and database server in a 1gb instance can put a lot of memory pressure on a VM.

Consider adding a swap partition to help relieve some of the pressure.

I blogged about it here:

answered 5 months ago

2Gb instance seems decent. That is min for apache website.

answered 5 months ago

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