Using a Single Application to Serve customers in-and-outside of Mainland China


I am developing an iOS & Android application to be used for Account Creation, Product Registration, and File Distribution. The project has a requirement to be able to serve Mainland China and North America from a single application. I hope to migrate my application from Firebase to AWS to support these needs and comply with American and Chinese legislation on the storage of user data within their respected countries.

Is there a feasible solution to this problem? I assume I would need to have an AWS and an AWS China account, but would I be able to make the application decide which Server Regions to use depending on if the user is inside or outside of the China.

FYI I am a Sole Developer on this project for my employer, Junior at that with little database experience, an ideal solution wouldn't be too complicated to implement and maintain but all suggestions are welcome.

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Tim here from the AWS Support Team, and I see you have some questions around making your iOS and Android application compliant in China and North American regions.

This would take some careful planning and domain specific knowledge of your application. We do have some information on getting started in the Beijing and Ningxia region[1].

As the next steps, if you haven’t done so yet, I’d recommend working with your employer to contact our sales support team at this link [2] if you haven’t begun using AWS [being sure to mention the project], or if you do have AWS accounts already, to contact our Compliance support team[3].




answered 2 years ago

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