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Available RDS NetworkInterface is exist although I deleted RDS instance


Hello, I got a problem of RDS Network Interface that didn't be deleted automatically after deleting RDS. The Network Interfaces’ request Id is Amazon-rds.
I tested that if I delete RDS, the Network interface, which is attached to the RDS, should be deleted. However, I don’t know what happened, I found network interfaces are as status of “available”, but all my RDS are working with other network interfaces. There is no stopped RDS in my region. Therefore, I assume those network interface isn’t used.

Can I remove those network interfaces without any impact of my running RDS instances? Also, How the ‘available’ network interfaces are existed without attached RDS?

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Hello Hessu,

Yes! If you see the "status: available" means it's is not used by any of the resource and can be removed.

=> status - The status of the network interface. If the network interface is not attached to an instance, the status is available; if a network interface is attached to an instance the status is in-use.

Regards, CK

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answered a month ago
  • Hello Chethan,

    Thank you for response. However, I saw a story that someone had a similar situation to mine he said once he removed the network interfaces which is being ‘status: available’, all of his database was worked anymore. So, I am very concern about removing those network interfaces.

    Do you think it wont affect to my RDS in error, additionally, do you know why this happening is occurred?

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