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Does Workspaces support a migration path from one VPC to another?

Customer has an existing VPC with 3 EC2 hosts, and about 100 WorkSpaces. They are standing up a new VPC in the same account, and would like to move all WorkSpaces to it.

Looking at the public documentation, I see a Migration section, but it is scoped to the Workspaces OS, not underlying infrastructure. What is the solution for this use case?

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The customer could create a custom image and then custom bundle from a WorkSpace with their applications preinstalled and deploy new WorkSpaces for their users in the other VPC and delete the existing.

You could also ensure they are using something like WorkDocs to store user files so the transition would be easier.

There is not a way today for the customer to move an existing WorkSpace from one VPC, or AZ, to another.

answered 2 years ago

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