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so ran into the issue where the EC2 ubuntu wasnt receiving any updates or downloads for other services or whatsoever, fixed with an outbound rule, but now im not able to connect to it, while all that took place i was trying to install and configure NoMachine and gain remote access to the GUI directly while doing so i was desperate to make it work, ended up activating firewall and giving access only to port 4000 (NoMachines port) now im stuck, i dont see the EC2 i cant gain access to it by trying to connect to it on port 4000, idk what to do... and i dont want to detach/attach the volume because my whole project is there, plus id find it a fussle to create a new one and attach SG, routing tables and such... p.s. or if theres no choice then so be it,, at least ill know earlier to make the changes and just startover asap

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In spite of what every other bit of AWS documentation says about the User Data script only ever being run when the instance is created, you can actually force an ad-hoc invocation of a User Data script, the steps are here

Follow the steps and amend the sample User Data and replace /bin/echo "Hello World" >> /tmp/testfile.txt with whatever the command is to open port 22 (or just disable the service and open up every port to get it back working) then it may be enable you to pick up where you left off.

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answered 4 months ago
  • turns out directory /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot/ is the directory that Cloud-Init uses and runs it in User Data upon first boot, and it`ll run any scripts after every boot!!


    p.s.: too scared to make the changes, already did the shell script #!/bin/bash


    Disable UFW

    ufw disable

    Allow incoming SSH traffic on port 22

    ufw allow 22

    Reload UFW rules

    ufw reload "

  • That script looks okay, did you try it and did it work? If it did work then please could you accept the answer, so that other people that come across the same problem later know that this is what to do.

    If you're hesitant to try it then you could snapshot the current VM, create an AMI out of the snap, and use that to spin up a copy of your current EC2 that you can play with. Or even just provision a fresh EC2 from the Ubuntu AMI and make the same mistake so that it's unreachable, and then confirm you can rescue it.

  • #!/bin/bash sudo tee /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot/ #!/bin/bash ufw disable ufw allow 22 ufw reload

    sudo chmod +x /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot/

    added these commands but didnt seem to do the trick or i didnt deploy it the proper way, do you think theres still hope in all this


Unfortunately, i can't see a way to gain access as the hosts firewall is now blocking your access via SSH. I am completely unfamiliar with NoMachine, so no idea if there is any way to leverage that access to some sort of a shell prompt.

Likely the simplest way would be to shut down the host. Detach the drive and attach it to another temporary host. Mount the drive and edit your firewall configuration to remove it, then reattach to the original machine and boot.

Best of luck Craig

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answered 4 months ago
  • im reviewing every option possible but thankyou so much Craig, good luck to you too and thank you for your time!!

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