When building gamelift fleet with install.sh at correct location get this error: Cannot run program "/local/game/install.sh" (in directory "/local/game"): error=2, No such file or directory


I followed the documentation for setting up CloudWatch logging on a linux fleet and used an existing script from the docs, and even sshd in and tested it all out and it works when manually inputting each command. But no matter what I do it fails to find the install.sh and fails to initialize the fleet so I can't even debug it anymore. I'm using a ue4 linux server build if that matters. A little surprised the only other reference I've found is 5 years old where the problem never seemed to be resolved.

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Hello, this typically tends to happen when the zip containing the server build is not packaged correctly. Have you tried unpacking using a command line utility to verify if install.sh is at the root directory? A common behavior with archiving utilities is they tend to put all files within a top level directory, causing install.sh to be present withing an extra level of nesting.

answered 2 years ago
  • I'm using the aws cli gamelift upload-build function with the path to the folder containing the full server build on my machine. I don't zip anything on my end and the launch path I use for each server process is properly relative to /local/game/ so when I don't include the install.sh the fleet works properly.

  • To follow up, I've sshed into one of the working fleets that doesn't have install.sh and confirmed the path is correct without an extra level of nesting.

  • We'd need more details to help debug this issue further. Could you please reach out to AWS support via AWS Support Center so the GameLift team can help take a deeper look?

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