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I would like to know if there is a way to make a long-term closed plan (3 years for example) to get as many discounts as possible on a VPS (Linux Cloud Computing) service.

Google Cloud offers this, but is not available for what I need.

That is, I need little vcore but a cpu core that is strong, like AMD Milan

What I need: An AMD Epyc CPU **MILAN ** - with 1 core 4 GB of RAM

Thanks a lot if you help me

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Discounts can be obtained on AWS EC2 by using Reserved Instances or Savings Plans.
This can be done over a longer period of time and by paying the fee up front to get a larger discount.

You can also find the instance type you are looking for in the following document.
For AMD-based CPUs, it is used in M6a and C6a.

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