CloudFront 5xxErrorRate without technical evidences


I'm receiving a lot of error messages that suggest the resources associated with my CloudFront distributions are/were outage. Nevertheless, I cannot view any messages/logs associated with unavailable resources throughout AWS Health Dashboard.

The error message I've receiving looks like as informed below:

The AWS CloudFront instance XYZ is returning 5XX errors for 70.5882% of requests, putting it into a state of error. You should check that CloudFront is up and configured properly for your environment. If this is a side-effect of an AWS outage (eg. S3 is unavailable and your content is stored there), you should see an alert on the "AWS Service Health" EventSource soon. This condition has been ongoing since 2024-03-04 09:30:00 BRT, or for 0h 24m."

How can I troubleshoot this particular scenario?

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There could be multiple reasons.

Did you check your content is available in S3 ? ( if thats the origin ? ). Any policy/permission change on s3 ? ( in that the origin? ).

Next step would be have a look at this documentation to correlate the issue.

You may need to enable cloudfront logs to dig deep into actual error code.

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, I have tried all the options you mentioned. I have several types of endpoints for my CloudFront distributions, like API gateway, S3 buckets and others...

    ...and I keep getting these messages every 1-2 days


My hunch would be something behind your api gateway is throwing the 500 errors.

I would look at your application logs and like Muhammad said enable cloudfront logs.

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answered a month ago

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