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A new EC2 instance is created after termination of the only instance


For some reasons when I try to terminate the only EC2 instance running in my account, it is automatically creating a new running instance. It marks old instance as terminated.

As an example, currently I marked the only running EC2 instance - i-00fb951a8af2f3373, as terminated however on refreshing the page it created another EC2 instance - i-0ee89a01c6abbda45, with running status.

Any ideas on how can terminate the instance without automatically creating a new one?

asked 2 years ago59 views
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Accepted Answer


It would appear that your instance is part of an Auto Scaling Group. When the Auto Scaling Group detects that your instance has failed a health check indicating it has been stopped or failed the health check it will create a new instance in its place.

If you do not need the Auto Scaling Group you can delete it and this will prevent new instances being created in its place.


Deleting an Auto Scaling Group

answered 2 years ago

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