CloudTrail lists users I don't understand


My CloudTrail logs list many user names that have this format: i-07c83123218faa22fe

I've no idea what this means or what it references. Can anyone suggest where I look? Or where I might read up on things?

Much appreciated.

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Hi, Cloud trail logs any/all AWS API calls - these could be from a 'real' end user - for example you yourself doing something in the console. It can also be from services though - for example an Amazon EC2 machine could be calling an API to do 'something'. When an EC2 machine does something cloudtrail logs the username as the instance name - so you can track it back. That same concept is true of lots of other services - you'll most likely see more entries from services than from real users.

There is some more information here that goes in to more detail:

If you look up the name you see in the logs in the EC2 screen you will find the machine it's coming from.

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