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How to Use Unverified From Address


Hi, I am trying to make an email forwarding service. It works like this: sends a message to Amazon SES forwards the message to

It works great, except the only way I can get SES to forward the email is if I change the From and Return-Path headers to a sender address that has been verified. This doesn't work for me because:

  1. I want to be able to receive and forward emails from lots of people, whose addresses I don't know beforehand.
  2. If I have to modify the From and Return-Path headers, when receives the email, they don't see who the original sender is and they can't reply to the message because the original sender's address is not on the email.

Do you know of a way that I can either get Amazon SES to allow me to send emails with From addresses that are not verified or alternatively, is there some other SMTP header I can get it to use that will convey the original sender's address?

Thanks so much for your help.

1 Answer

SES doesn't have a native way to do this. You have to send from a verified address to prove ownership and prevent unauthorized use.

What is your use case that you need to forward emails but also retain the original sender's address instead of emails being sent directly?

answered 9 months ago
  • I'm making a service that lets you dynamically create email aliases that forward to a single fixed address of yours. So say you are making an account on and it asks for your email. Instead of signing yourself up for their newsletter and ads by using, you sign up with an alias, say Then, any email from Home Depot gets forwarded to you, but the forwarding service puts an HTML button at the top and if you click it, it shuts down the alias and blocks further email to that alias. A commercial example of this service is:

    So if you understand this use case, you will see why the ultimate recipient of the forwarded message wants the original from address on there, so they can 1) clearly see who sent them the message and 2) reply if they want to.

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