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Dear, today my workspace showed a panamacredsagent process consuming a lot of CPU, the whole machine is on 100%.

Does anybody know what is this and how can I lessen its processing?

Thank you!

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Dear Customer,

This is Qais from AWS support. As I understand, the process PanamaCredsAgent on your Workspace is consuming high CPU and you would like to get a solution for this. Please let me know if this needs any correction.

In general, the PanamaCredsAgent is a component of STXHD service and is used when you access the workspace using WebAccess.

To test you can set the service to manual and monitor CPU usage:

  1. Firstly from the Task manager kill the process consuming high CPU i.e, PanamaCredsAgent.
  2. Open services.msc -> check for the service 'STXHD Hosted Application Service’ and click on properties.
  3. Change the startup type to ‘Manual’ and stop the service.

Please monitor the CPU after this and check if you are still seeing any issues.

One of the reasons for this issue is: If the agent is unable to fetch/obtain any of the required information that might be deleted on the workspace or missing from the workspace somehow and hence continuously consuming high CPU. Performing a fresh install of the agent would be a good option as it would be installing the latest version with all the required files and drivers.

The agent is actually required if the Webaccess is enabled for the directory, in case you are not using this functionality you can leave the service as disabled.

I hope this helps and I have clarified your queries.


answered 5 years ago

I experienced the same issue this morning. A simple reboot of the WorkSpace solved it.

answered 5 years ago

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