How would I route traffic to an instance set up for site-to-site VPN from a different VPC


We have a legacy system which has a site to site VPN set up. I want to get traffic from a new VPC in a different AWS account to utilize this.

In the following diagram, traffic flowing from in Legacy is working - I'm trying to create the connection from the new account

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I've tried to do this through VPC peering however it seems that may not be the right approach as I cant get the requests for to target the proxy on

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VPC Peering is not transitive. Your best option is to use a Transit Gateway.

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  • I've spent some time with this but struggling to make it work. What I've done is:

    • Created TransitGateway in Legacy

    • Shared TransitGateway via RAM

    • Created association for legacy VPC

    • Created association for New VPC

    • Added TransitGateway route -> legacy VPC attachment

    • Set Legacy VPC Routes: -> EIC -> TransitGateway

    • Set New VPC routes -> TransitGateway -> local -> TransitGateway

    Pings from to time out. Any further help would be greatly appreciated!

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