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/What is the maximum supported throughput of a transit gateway/

What is the maximum supported throughput of a transit gateway


Hi All,

I wanted to know about the actual supported bandwidth by a single TGW! As per the document linked below, a TGW supports VPC attachments up to 5000 and TGW provides 50Gbps of throughput per VPC.

So should I assume a TGW can give throughput of 5000x50Gbps = 250Tbps (Approx)?

Please help me in getting the clear information, it will help me designing the efficient architecture.

2 Answers

Hello, I agree to the above suggestion provided regarding reaching out to the Accounts team/AWS Premium Support Team for TGW.

The reason being that Transit gateway works with multiple elements VPC, DX, VPN and hence there can be a lot of design implications & improvements that can be recommended to you by the AWS team to maximize your throughput without increasing the costs on your account.

answered 2 months ago

Given the magnitude of the network you're designing I strongly recommend that you reach out to your local AWS account team (and Solutions Architect) to discuss your requirements.

answered 3 months ago
  • Question is specific to collective maximum supported throughput by TGW with multiple VPC attachments.

  • At the scale of the network you mention in the question there are many variables; please reach out to your account team as they can give you far more detailed information than can be shared in this forum.

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