problems connecting to a windows EC2 instance from outside via assigned elastic ip and port 8050


I have an EC2 instance with windows, I need a computer from another side to send me some xml frames to that server, so I need to enable port 8050 of the instance. I already enabled the port in the security groups but they cannot be connected from outside through the port, it is also not possible to do telnet, using the elastic ip from outside, which can be? telnet <elastic_ip_public> <port>

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To troubleshoot connectivity issues to EC2 instances, you can use the Reachability Analyzer in the EC2 console that may provide additional insight into what the problem is. If you can provide the results from that tool, it would make troubleshooting this issue much easier.

If the security groups are configured to allow traffic on the appropriate ports, a common reason why EC2 instances may be unreachable is creating the instance in a Private Subnet. If your instance is in a Private subnet, you will be unable to access this instance via the EIP's public IP address due to the default route of the subnet being associated with a NAT gateway.

One approach to connecting to EC2 Instances in a Private Subnet is to use an Application Load Balancer that is located in a Public Subnet to forward the connect to your EC2 instances. A guide on how to configure this can be found here: How do I attach backend instances with private IP addresses to my internet-facing load balancer in ELB?

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