Snowball Edge reporting incorrect space


On the main opshub screen my snowball edge is reporting 84.33 TB total HDD space which is expected. BUT...if I click the manage storage it only shows 4.08 TB total space. It also only shows 4.08 TB total space when I run the following command. Any ideas?

snowballEdge describe-service --service-id s3

output: { "ServiceId" : "s3", "Status" : { "State" : "ACTIVE" }, "ServiceCapacities" : [ { "Name" : "S3 Storage", "Unit" : "Byte", "Used" : 2596786727653, "Available" : 1885070512128 } ],

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1 Answer

If you have ordered a Snowball Edge device with NFS data transfer option, you will see a discrepancy in Snowball command line vs OpsHub as you described. The Snowball CLI describe-service is reporting the S3 storage capacity only, and the Snowball Service is working on adding the NFS storage as part of the "describe-service" command. The OpsHub is correctly reporting the storage capacity regardless of the data transfer option you have selected during the order (S3 data transfer or NFS data transfer) process.

answered 2 years ago

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