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Use AWS CLI to connect to AWS SSO that can only be accessed through Incognito Browser


Hi, I'm trying to use the AWS CLI to login to my organization's AWS SSO that's can only be accessed from an Incognito browser not the main browser. Whenever I put in the SSO start URL in the CLI it takes me to the main browser SSO where it can't be accessed. Is it possible to access the SSO that's in the Incognito browser? Thanks, har

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I believe there are a couple options here. The CLI uses the default browser settings, so one option is to set your default browser to private. This isn't desirable, so you'd have to change the command line or terminal default browser settings.

For command prompt, it may be possible through the properties menu (found by right clicking the bar at the top). More information can be found in the shell documents.

For a linux terminal, it's done through the command: sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser. Adding the -incognito tag may also work.

Hope this helps.

answered 21 days ago

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