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Can Lambda automatically update layer configurations?


According to announcement "The AWS Lambda console now supports bulk update of layers", I was under the impression that "This release (would) eliminate(s) the need to update one function at a time or utilize an external script to perform the update on multiple functions."

I am currently using an external script to update multiple functions when lambda layers are updated. Is this notice implying an automatic way to update the layers? If so, how and where would I access this feature?

I am familiar with accessing the AWS Lambda console and manually bulk updating all functions that use that particular layer.

Any clarification would be appreciated! Thanks again!

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1 Answer

This is a new console feature. This means it is only available via the console. The console runs a script to update the layers. There is no new API to do this.

If you update the layers from a script, you will continue to use the script. Nothing changes.

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answered 5 months ago
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