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Hi, First of all, Thank you for reading my question. When I screen lock my laptop or When I away from my laptop about 1 hour, and come back to laptop, aws client vpn is disconnected. The session timeout setting is 12 hours, but in reality, even if I leave the seat for about 1 hour, the connection is lost. Does it automatically disconnect when there is no network traffic? If yes, How do I disable it?

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AWS Client VPN doesn't automatically disconnect when there is no network traffic. It tries to reconnect and repeated reconnection attempts are slowed down after 5 retries per remote by doubling the wait time after each unsuccessful attempt. You can increase this timer using "connect-retry" directives in .ovpn file.

connect-retry 300

Wait 300 seconds between connection attempts (default=5)

You can also try persist-tun and persist-key OpenVPN directives in .ovpn file. These options persist the tun device and the authentication keys across restarts (either caused by user or ping-restarts). The results may vary depending on the OS and the actual client in use.

persist-tun persist-key

Rest I would recommend to open a support case and share OVPN logs with engineers. OVPN logs would help to understand the reason behind disconnect.

To know more supported OVPN derivtais you can refer below document:

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