How exactly the billing of the active instance is calcualted?


Here is that part that I am confused - I have one 5 active instances, but I only most the time use one instance. I wonder if I will be charged if I stop the instance or as long as the instance is active, I'll be charged?

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You'll be charged only for instance which you are running at a given time. Stopped ec2 instance doesn't incur charges for compute, however be informed that whenever we stop the ec2 instance, other resources such as EBS volumes would still be counted as used resources and you may see bill for those even when instance is in stopped state.

Please refer this re:Post Thread-1 and re:Post Thread-2, which talk exactly about this question.

Also, refer this re:post Knowledge Center Article, which covers lot of good points.

Hope this helps.

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  • Yes, I agree: stopped instance doesn't mean 0 cost. EBS storage remains charged. Also, snapshots will be charged if any.

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