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/My aws SES production access is denied/

My aws SES production access is denied


Hello, I've been trying for production access for 2 days, I sent email examples, I explained my use case, I was denied anyway, please help case id 10128453131

  • The cases I have opened are closed without any response.

1 Answers


I understand that you are requesting for production access for your SES Account. You have raised a request through the support case '10128453131'.

Requests pertaining to moving SES Accounts out of sandbox, and granting with production access/Limit Increase are handled by the 'SES Limit Increase' Team. This is a different team to AWS Premium Support and this is a team dedicated to handle requests such as - increasing sending limits, lifting sandbox restrictions, granting production access, etc.

From our (Premium Support) side, we are able to assist with any technical queries related to the SES service; but granting/denying production access for SES Accounts is solely based on the decision of the SES limit Increase team, and we don't have the ability to influence that decision, and/or grant production access for SES Accounts from our side.

So, if you would still like to obtain production access for your SES Account, then I would encourage continue working with the SES Limit Increase team. You could reply back on the Case ID 10128453131 and request for a re-review of your production access request. Or, you can also submit a new production access request -

However, please note it is possible that the SES Limit Increase Team may or may not be able to provide further information/update regarding your request to move your SES Account out of sandbox and grant production access.

answered a month ago

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