OPC UA (Siemens PCS7 OpenOS) data ingestion to Greengrass not working


Dear AWS Community,

We are trying to ingest OPC UA data from Siemens PCS7 OPU UA server to Greengrass v2. With just as / for node id, we aren't auto discovering tags. As we don't see any data on data streams.

Further we diagnostic with Matrikon OPC UA explorer, UAExpert OPC UA Client, and Kepware. We were successful to auto-browse data from the same Siemens PCS7 OPC UA server. (attached is picture for reference) Kepware to Siemens PCS7 OPC UA Server

Not sure how to setup the node id to browse correct path of the data.

The path within Siemens PCS7 OpenOS is as below (Ignore orange highlighted). The tags we need are listed under "List of all tags" folder. Enter image description here

Any help or suggestion to fix this issue is welcome.

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Hi, to process data from your OPC UA server into GG you will need to install the IoT SiteWise OPC-UA collector plugin for GG (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/greengrass/v2/developerguide/iotsitewise-opcua-collector-component.html#iotsitewise-opcua-collector-component-requirements). You can also look at the following for more general information: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/iot-sitewise/latest/userguide/industrial-data-ingestion.html

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  • Forgot to mentioned but our Greengrass is commissioned with all the required components. We have two different OPC UA gateways configured. From which one is working fine. The one in question is still the Siemens OPC UA (PCS7).

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