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Visualizing AWS Config data using Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight Blog Problem


Hello, I am currently having a problem following along this blog post: along with this blog which is referenced:

So far I have created an AWS Config rule, created and configured an S3 bucket to receive the Config data, created an Amazon Athena table for my Config data as well as the lambda function. I also have two t2.micro instances running with configurations that make it non-compliant.

Every time I run the simple example query ( to list EC2 instances of type "t2.micro" no results show.

My database name in Athena is different than the one shown in the blogs. So I have replaced the database name "sampledb" to "default" wherever applicable.

Also, it mentions to edit the region and dt partition keys, based on the Region and date of the given configuration snapshot files in the Lambda function but I do not see where I can do that. The function should automatically retrieve my region and date.

Let me know if you require more information.