ECS Fargate tasks in continuous start/stop loop


I am trying to run ECS task with Fargate Task Definition on personal conduit account. They are in continuous initializing and draining loop. To check the logs I have setup FireLensLog (FireLensLogDriver). FirelensLogs

Upon checking AppContainer STDOUT log group, I found one error

/opt/amazon/bin/env-activate:24:in `<module:ApolloShim>': env-activate failed: see deployment log for details (RuntimeError)

I tried to give sudo permission according to sage article: The tasks are still failing. Does anyone know why or what the potential solution can be?

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2 Answers

Please can you share the ECS deployment errors and event logs from the service. It sounds like it’s failing a health check so it’s getting restarted.

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answered 2 months ago

Adding logs as mentioned in comments:

Event logs: from event

Deployment Logs: deployment

answered 2 months ago

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