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Which headers are considered invalid by AWS in ALB attribute routing.http.drop_invalid_header_fields.enabled?


I couldn't find any official AWS documentation on which headers are considered invalid by the Application Load Balancer when the routing.http.drop_invalid_header_fields.enabled attribute is enabled. Which of my headers will be dropped? Which characters are allowed and which are not? Is there a standard which is followed here? I found this guide from TrendMicro but would still like to see some official AWS documentation:

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Hope this helps -

routing.http.drop_invalid_header_fields.enabled Indicates whether HTTP headers with header fields that are not valid are removed by the load balancer (true), or routed to targets (false). The default is false. Elastic Load Balancing requires that message header names conform to the regular expression [-A-Za-z0-9]+, which describes all registered internet message headers. Each name consists of alphanumeric characters or hyphens.

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