not able detach or delete volumes "An error occurred (IncorrectState)"


we have some volumes that neither can be detached nor deleted. Even AWS console force or command-line aws cli comamnd helped if you try to detach (as it shows in-use but no instance iD) you get aws --profile XXXXXXX --region us-east-1 ec2 detach-volume --volume-id vol-XXXXXXXX --force An error occurred (IncorrectState) when calling the DetachVolume operation: Volume 'vol-XXXXXXXX' is in the 'available' state.

and if you try to delete you get the in-use error message

aws --profile XXXXXXXX --region us-east-1 ec2 delete-volume --volume-id vol-XXXXXXXX An error occurred (IncorrectState) when calling the DeleteVolume operation: The volume 'vol-XXXXXXXX' is 'in-use'

We have 3 volumes that we like to put in the correct state and delete if needed. Any idea?

volumes are in us-east-1 vol-da73b5b3, vol-2eee2e47 and vol-54ace93d. I am not able to create the support case



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Please take a look at this similar question, it might help you

Sometimes a volume shows being "in-use" even if you don't have any instances. If this your case (and you don't have a snapshot or AMI associated with that volume), I recommend creating a support case, and they should be able to modify the state to "available" so that you can delete it. If you are unable to create a support case, please mention which region this volume is on.

answered 5 months ago

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