GameLiftLocal Error: CreateExport: /Game/MetaHumans/... - Could not find the class object for PixelStreamingInput_GEN_VARIABLE


I am working on a project which is Pixel Streamed to the user and I am using GameLift for Multiplayer. Initially, when I uploaded the build I got the error "SERVER_PROCESS_CRASHED" but I didn't have any logs to look at what happened.

Thus, I decided to test it on GameLiftLocal, but after starting the .Jar when I tried to run the Server Build with the log, the log showed the error "Error: CreateExport: /Game/MetaHumans/... - Could not find the class object for PixelStreamingInput_GEN_VARIABLE" and several other errors with PIxelStreaming components all over my scene. Also, it is to be noted that I was initially developing in Blueprints then included C++ classes for GameLift, and the Pixel Streaming Components are used in Blueprints only and not in C++ classes anywhere.

  • Hey Dev, do you mind sharing what version of the Server SDK you are using? GameLiftLocal is only supported for versions < 5.x

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Hey Jackson, I was using GameLift 5.1.0 but to test locally I switched to 3.4.2

answered 18 days ago

I didn't have any logs to look at what happened.

Do you mean there are no game session logs from get-game-session-log? Those logs are only uploaded when the process succeeds and a game session was created. You can sign into compute on your SDK 5+ fleets using SSM and check the logs directly if needed. Check out this re:Post with some steps to do so:

answered 15 days ago

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