How do you configure VPC Client VPN Endpoint DNS to resolve on internet


We have setup Client VPN Endpoint to access our private subnets for developers. Everything seems to work except the DNS does not resolve when we try to use OpenVPN to connect. NSlookup also fails. This is for connecting to the VPN (not the DNS after connection is established). State is Available on the CVPN Endpoint with 'Client connect handler state' set to Applied. Target Networks are Associated and Authorization Rules are Active. Can someone help get us over the line here with the DNS resolution not resolving on the internet?

The cvpn shows the following:

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Please take a moment to look at Troubleshooting AWS Client VPN as it has some common problems listed.

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  • I didn't understand that the first time... but now I do... literally it does not matter the hostname just pick something. Thanks for making me reread it

  • Yes you're absolutely right on the hostname. Glad it worked!

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