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Hi im trying to setup aws discovery connector on vmware console, i download and deployment ova server, but i have this error Could not reach AWS The aws server and vmware not have any restriction on my firewall, and ntp server is working in vmware, any idea?


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Here's the link to troubleshoot the error "Could not reach AWS" -- [1]

As mentioned, This error occurs because of a failed attempt by the Discovery Connector to establish an HTTPS connection to an AWS domain that the connector needs to communicate with during the setup process. The Discovery Connector configuration fails if a connection can't be established.

To fix the connection to AWS

  1. Check with your IT admin to see if your company firewall is blocking egress traffic on port 443 to any of the AWS domains that need outbound access. OR Check if port 443 is allowed for the below domains to double check.

The following AWS domains need outbound access:

awsconnector.Migration Hub home

sns.Migration Hub home

arsenal-discovery.Migration Hub home

  1. If your firewall is blocking egress traffic, unblock it. After you update the firewall, reconfigure the connector.

If updating the firewall does not resolve the connection issue, check to make sure that the connector virtual machine has outbound network connectivity to the listed domains. If the virtual machine has outbound connectivity, test the connection to listed domains by running telnet on ports 443 as shown in the following example.

telnet 443 -- run this command and see what is the output. If this works fine, please open up a case with AWS Support and they will be able to help you. Please note that they might ask for the logs.

Log back in to the AWS Agentless Discovery Connector console (as you did during configuration) and choose Download log bundle.

Once the log bundle has finished downloading, send it as instructed by AWS Support.

Link- -- [1]

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answered a year ago

Hi, i test the conectiviy with ping command to and is ok, and this command telnet 443 is ok too.

answered a year ago

Now i have this errorsEnter image description here I sent to aws support.


answered a year ago

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