If a Lambda @ Edge function calls DynamoDB, does the traffic stay within the AWS network?


Looking to improve network performance and security and their applications is distributed.

One of the options they are considering is Lambda @ Edge connecting to DynamoDB but they (and tbh I) cannot find anywhere if the traffic between a Lambda @ Edge function and DynamoDB would stay within the internal AWS network of not.

Also relevant if there is a difference were they to use DynamoDB global tables, i.e., maybe across regions we leave the internal network but if it were global tables, connecting to the table in the same region as the originating lambda @ edge would stay within AWS network.


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Since Lambda edge is hosted via Cloudfront you can be assured that the traffic does not leave AWS and uses the backbone network between lambda @edge and Dynamodb. You will find this https://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/features/ link helpful as it explains this point. The same would prove true for Dynamodb global tables since the traffic would still be going through our backbone even if it were going to another region.

answered 2 years ago

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