S3 Batch Lambda Pricing?


Do you get charged for every single lambda invocation? So for example: if you have a billion images, and you'd like to resize each one you would get charged for a billion lambda invocations?

The S3 pricing page has: Objects - "$1.00 per million object operations performed".
Is this in addition to the lambda costs?

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Thanks for the question.

The S3 Batch Operations pricing is $0.25 per job and $1.00 per million object operations, regardless of the operation type.

For Lambda, you'd pay for S3 Batch Operations as described above and for the usage of AWS Lambda. The AWS Lambda function is invoked once for each object listed in your S3 Batch Operations manifest, so the applicable AWS Lambda fees would depend on the number of requests and the GB-seconds of runtime. Additionally, AWS Lambda has a free tier as described on their pricing page: https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/pricing/.

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For lambda, you get charged for the amount of time it runs. So everytime, it is called, you will get charged for how long it runs resizing your images.
Pricing is separate for each service even if you use them together.
the S3 price will include the charges for storage space too for the new image

hope this helps

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