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"This action has been administratively disabled." when trying to rebuild Elastic Beanstalk environment



I'm trying to rebuild my elastic beanstalk environment, but I keep getting this error... "Creating Auto Scaling group failed Reason: API: autoscaling:CreateAutoScalingGroup This action has been administratively disabled."

This is my own account. There is no one else on my account. I did not disable anything.

What are my options here?


1 Answers

It sounds like there was a possible security or other similar issue detected with your account. See if you received any emails on the address you have setup as the main contact for the account. Those emails would have next steps to triage the issue. Also check for open outbound cases (a case AWS creates to you) in the support center

If you don't see either of those, open a new support case with the error message and details such as region, timestamp, etc. Without being able to see your resources to confirm, I'd guess this error was actually generated by EC2 when AutoScaling was doing its permission checks, and not EC2 directly. If you check cloudtrail around the time you got the error you'll likely see a RunInstances call where this error was thrown

answered 18 days ago
  • Thank you.

    No emails received that I can see, and no support cases opened on my behalf. I have tried contacting AWS support about this issue, and I was directed here as it's most likely a "technical issue". I also don't appear to have any logs. Or, if I do have logs, I'm unable to access them. No logs appear and requesting logs does nothing.

  • Can you please provide the exact subject of the case you opened (if there's no identifying info in it), and the day you opened the case?

    For now, what logs were you searching? Any time a CreateAutoScalingGroup call is made it should result in an EC2 "RunInstances --dry-run" call getting made by AutoScaling to validate permissions and other parameters

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