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How to remove or change a load balancer type with elastic beanstalk?



I'm running into a bit of an issue with trying to change the load balancer with elastic beanstalk. We are trying to change from a classic load balancer to an application load balancer in order to utilize the built in http2 support. I was able to delete the old one from EC2 load balancer dashboard, setup the new application load balancer, add the new dns name in Route53 and everything from the user side is working fine. However now when we try to deploy an update we are getting an error thats causing a roll back from EBS saying "There is no ACTIVE Load Balancer named..." despite using the same name as the old one. I checked the cloud formation configuration for the environment and its pointing to the new one and the link works. Does anyone know how to fix this without having to delete the entire environment and remake it, causing hours of downtime?


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Currently, Beanstalk does not support changing of Load Balancer type. If you want to change the Load Balancer type, you need to create a new environment with the desired Load Balancer type.

I see you have made changes to the environment resources out-of-band which is not recommended as it might break the environment like the issue that you are encountering. Therefore, to fix this issue, the only option we have is to create a new environment.

answered 2 years ago

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